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I was born and raised in Vancouver. Good normal crazy family. Soccer and smiles.

When I was 12, my friend was stabbed in a cineplex bathroom. I portrayed him in a tv reenactment to help find the monster. They never did. 

I got all educated in Montreal. Found some crazy friends looking to nudge the world playing broken and wild characters so we chased the dream.

I met a girl in a bar and we got married. 

I moved to Los Angeles when I was 25. 

Acting was cool but I wanted to sit behind the audition table. Create the thing.

I started writing.  

I got some jobs working in tv. 

Sometimes screenwriting feels like a blueprint art for a different product. 

I wanted to make the actual product, so I wrote a book in my car, and at night when my sons were sleeping. 

It's called The Damned Lovely

I live on the east side of Los Angeles.

I'm still with the girl.  

And I still think about that monster. 

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